How to ignore my ex's text?

so my ex and i been dating 11 monthes and i broke up with him 3 times, because it didn't turn out so well. so... im trying to hard to ignore him becasue I've been hurt way too many times and it needs to stop soon, im empathic person. i can't leave someone when they did so much for me help.


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  • How to ignore texts from ex? Here's an idea, don't read them lol. Block his number or something. Not difficult.

    • do you think i will get over it and not regret it or anything?

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  • ... Maybe change phone number' I OVERSTAND I'AM A PROUD TO SAY RISING SUN CYCLE LIBRA or some would say MA'AT empathetic can be looked at as a weakness from lowdown gritty scumbags who should not have been met known or thought of PERIOD!!!' Now change your phone number so HE COULDNOT TEXT, CALL or what ever grittie, gritty shameless, circus , monkey ape dog sniffling pigs do to get in side of your love root then FUCKUP... Trust just change the number. THANK YOU FOR THE TOPIC.

  • block him on your phone and you will no longer get texts from him and delete his number after you did that

    • what if i feel ashame to block his number?

    • just do it you have nothing to be ashamed off

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