How to end a relationship the nicest possible way?

I dont feel it for the guy i can't wait 8 months to see him nd i don't want to get played i don't know any of his friends nd i don't want to cheat if he plays me for 8 months nd i say no to the guys that ask me out im gonna be the person getting hurt by the end of the day i still want to be friends with him because he is a family member he will never be completely out of my life so i don't want him to hate me for leaving him


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  • "Ok, if you have a girlfriend... raise your hand... eh put your damned hand down, (now *ex*boyfriends name)!!! "

    Or just say:
    Ya... this ain't working, I;m sorry.


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  • Don't worry - just be as honest as possible. Tell him you don't want a relationship but you also don't want to lose him as a friend, and that you understand if he's upset but you really hope he understands that you don't want to end up getting hurt. Good luck :)


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  • Say you care for him, but it's unfair to both of you to have to wait so long for someone. If it's meant to happen when you get back it will.

  • Just stop answering his calls.


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