How to move on when you just love him madly?

I am 21 & loved a guy of 24. He is my university teacher. I used to think he liked me too. Though we never confessed the fact to one another. He used to take care of my studies so much. He never did that for any other student. He sometimes used to flirt me but that was not cheap. I liked the way. He is handsome, manly & talented. Many girls have crush on him. My class mate girls are so jealous of me. 'Cause he only paid attention towards me. But suddenly he lost his interest. I know we can never get together. So I want to move on. But I love him madly. Can't stop thinking of him. Crave to see him. Don't know what to do.


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  • So, I'll answer that...

    • right after I snag first to share an opinion. I think time is your greatest, and perhaps only, ally. Over time, you'll start to realize that it was never a good match. Teachers can't date students. Period. After time, you'll find someone else and become attracted to this person. Hopefully they will feel the same way.

      If you still have to attend class with this teacher, I can see that time might be a challenge, since you must see this person frequently. If you aren't in his class, you might want to limit your contact with him. There is some merit to the saying, "Out of sight; out of mind."

      Do what you can to become occupied with other things. Get involved in hobbies, activities, etc. Do what you can to improve yourself and learn from the experience.

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    • Would it be possible to transfer to another class?

    • No. I gotta do his class.

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