During a divorce what happens to the husbands house if it's his before marriage?

Do the courts pluck his house away from him and give it to the woman by force? what if its his ancestral home passed on to him from his father and mother? or do they sell the house and share the profits?


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  • Well, since it's bought in his name, he has the automatic right for him since it is HIS propoerty.
    So guys, take notes. Buy the physical stuff yourself! Pay the house, the car, all that stuff from your account (not an unified accound)! That way she may be using it, but it's yours, and no court claim can take it away from you (at least not here in norway).

  • As long as it was not acquired during the marriage then it is his to keep. Anything bought during the course of the marriage however, can be considered "community" property, and can be split, it doesn't matter if her name was on it or not.


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