My ex dumped me after a year to go back to his girlfriend before me, he has moved on massively so why does he text every day to ask how I am?

He has moved in with her, bought furniture etc, planning a baby? She left him over a year ago after meeting a few different men n now suddenly wanted him back
Thank you both anonymous and Paris13 you are so right,, I think I need to stay well away n as of now I'm going to, he wants to b friends but that isn't gonna work realistically x


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  • He once stood in your shoes so to speak. He has experienced the grief and heartache of being left by an ex who did so to be with someone new. And now, of course, he harbors the guilt of doing the same to you. So, he contacts you regularly to check on you, which may or may not be genuine. But, make no mistake about it, a part of the reason he contacts you is to assuage his guilt.


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  • I find that with an "EX" that Still Marks an X your current cutie's soft spot, often they are Not quite over the history of their Past together, leaving a few skeletons to rattle and battle Them in their own closet. However, that leaves You, the maiden smack in the Middle of all this, calling you this Rebound Rebecca who ends up with a broken heart and Asking----What happened here?
    Apparently, even if it has been a month of Mondays, there are feelings that remain and now are seen between them. And with building a nest, preparing for the little one, he is Now pushing a button on his end to keep You perhaps in his life, keeping you abreast and close by him.
    Lose contact with him, sweetie. I smell toil and trouble in Denmark that is only going down a beaten path. I feel he wants his sweet cake and eat it too and the day the blessed event is here, he will be breaking this bough he has with her, cradle and all To-----Find himself with you on the sidelines.
    Don't fall for it. The reason can't be for complete guilt and losing sleep over this whole "dump deal." He most likely is Missing the Kissing with you, for you both have had this creation of history yourselves and he simply but truthfully wants His whole witch's brew in One big happy Pot Luck--------Partners pot.
    You need to "Massively" get out of Dodge, block him from your cell, block him from your life and pretend like you've disappeared out of thin air. It could end up a Triangle threesome, where you are at the very top, looking down, from one side to the other at the both of them... baby and all on another end, which I am wondering right Now-----Is there a bun in the oven?
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you so much, I agree with this, n I have left him well alone, I never text first n have stayed away, kept smiling xx

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    • Yes I definitely need to, we had such a great year too n I learned n did so much, but all memories! N I am no ones 2nd best at all x

    • Yes, sweetie and let the memories let the only thing that contacts you again... No friends, nothing, I do not trust him... He has made his bed, let him lay in it with the other half... xxoo

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