Why did this happen to me?

so the summer passed i met a beautiful girl and after one week we got in a relationship. we were together 2 months and we barely met after the vacations. she broke up with me saying she doesn't have time to think of relationship things and she wants to retry later. after the first month of our relationship i saw a guy posting on her fb wall sweet talks and commenting such things as "you're beautiful baby". after that i couldnt really trust her and we have argued some times about that. ended up me taking the fault for overthinking and imagining things. i found out later that she did cheat on me with a guy when she went on island vacations before returning to me. i was crying for days. but i couldnt hate her. i truly loved her. i thought she was the girl of my dreams. many said that she is a slut even though she is 14... im 16 btw. WHY? it was my first relationship, yet, why did this happen to me? why in my first relationship? you can't imagine how depressed i am and i still love her. im so sad and frustrated but i can't hate her. why did i deserve something like that? ok i couldnt avoid such thing in my life but why in my first relationship? its so unfair! :'(


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  • You didn't deserve it, but it happened for a reason. Be glad you found out she cheated because now you don't have to deal with her. You'll find someone who will never cheat on you and love you. You can learn from this and be more careful in the future you. My first crush/ love cheated on me and then dumped me on social media. That happened for a reason; it helped me see that not everyone is as they seem.

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  • Honestly, if she's 14 she THINKS she is looking for something serious but really (even if she doesn't realize it) she is just looking for attention. To commit at such a young age and understand what that means is very rare. Don't think that anything you could do or could have been would change that.


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