Help!! Should I tell my ex boyfriend how I feel? Or move on?

Me and my ex were together for 3 years we really loved eachother, had a good relationship, then out of the blue he acted cold distant cancel dates for a couple weeks, then breaks up with me. We were eachothers first love, then a couple weeks later he has a new girlfriend, it has been 2 months since the split,1 month of no contact, and 2 weeks of him dating this girl. I have been doing my best working on myself, I've been talking to this new guy I like but in the back of my mind my X is always there like my heart says he's still the one. I want to tell him how I feel but I'm scared bc of the new girl or if he ignores me or gets mad. I do like this guy and don't want to hurt him if I'm still in love with my ex. But if I move on with this guy what happens if I lose my chances with my ex forever? What do I do move on with this new guy or tell my ex how I feel, I have no idea how my ex feels either, I don't know if the new girl is a rebound or not help!
So that girl and him broke up they didn't even last 2 months , they went out for a month in a half, what does this mean?


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  • Move on completely, not to the new guy. You still love your ex so it's unfair to the new guy. Personally, it looks like your ex was cheating on you with this new girl. If he acted that way, it's clear that something has just, changed, and he no longer feels that way about you. Save yourself some heartache and just cut off all ties with your ex, while giving yourself some much needed alone time. Figure out who you are again, do what's best for yourself at the moment and just give yourself time away from relationships. Have fun and just give yourself time.


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  • Move one... he broke up with you , so she´s probably not a rebound and he got into a new relationship really fast , might of even cheated on you. Sorry , probably not the opinion you wanted :( You can always try and tell him , the worst thing that can happen is that you´ll know for sure that it´s over , worth the risk, no regrets and did my best , that kinda stuff.

  • I didn't read the detail... Based on experience that an awful idea !!! So move on !!!

    • But this is my first love and read the details

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    • Ah come on !! I was joking so maybe you feel Better !!! Sorry !!! It's ok tho, we all have been there trust me, we all forgot and moved on and I believe you'll be fine as well !! Take your time, cry, listen to broke up musics on spotify, punch the walls, let it all out, I promise you'll forget within a month max, you won't even remember his name... And you'll find an awsome guy !!! :) good luck

    • It's all good thanks

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  • Alas, your ex broke up with you and hasn't contacted you since then... So it seems like you have no chances with him anymore and that you'd blew what you have with your new guy if you were to try anything with your ex... It's pretty certain that your ex wouldn't care about what you have to say anyway.
    Things would have been different if you had broken up with him.
    I advise you to move on.


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