Is there anyone that got back together with his/her long distance ex after some time?

I am wondering if anyone or a friend of yours had long distance and break up, what led to break up, if you got back together, how did it happen, and how many months later.
Thanks for answering.


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  • Well, My long distance ex and I dated for a year long distance then we broke up, after about eight months we got back together dated for another 3 or 4 months then we called it quits again. They are too hard to maintain, you slowly lose trust and get annoyed because you can't physically touch them. But we broke up the first time because lack of communication for the last month of our relationship (I also found out later he moved in one of his ex's apartment with her two kids) then after the 8 months we started chatting again a lot and he wasn't living with his ex anymore he got his own place we were testing waters again really and then we broke up again because 1) lack of communication and 2) he found someone closer he fell in love with and is now living with her. Yeahh long distance is hard!

    • I had this ldr with my ex guy for 10 months before we dated a year and lived together but our reason was different career choices made us not be able to relocate and close the distance within next two years... Now I have a job offer close to him and i know he still loves me, of course i do not accept the offer just because we might have chances since i haven't even told him at all (we are in 8 months of NC basically-we just talked twice after bu but it is painful to talk for me so i cut the contact totally) but i just thought maybe.. ya know

    • if you have an opportunity to relocate closer to him and you guys still have feelings for each other I would go for it personally. I knew my ex and I would never really be close in distance to each other so we thought it would be best to move on.

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  • I have experienced this. We broke up because we just was not seeing eye to eye. He was too possessive and I was a tad bit controlling which just was not a good mix. After I say maybe a year we tried it again... well it didn't work out because that break showed us that we had other interests and we changed over time. We allowed ourselves space to grow and grow up and sometimes that means growing apart. So yeah, we discovered we didn't really like each other at all lol. It was just lust not a real connection.


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