Did you ever break up with someone you really love for someone else and you miss your ex and realized it was a mistake, or did an ex ever come back?

did you stay with that person, did you miss your ex and you guys got back together did your ex ever come back after leaving you for someone else


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  • No I haven't ever broken up with someone and then reconnected later. I did date a BF for 6-7 months and yes, I loved him. He broke up with me and then 3 months later try to come back I was already dating someone else so I told him it was too little too late. Felt damn good too, it was a rude break up for sure, and all because he was having second thoughts about his ex. Two months later I heard he got said ex pregnant, and they are together now, although I can tell he loves his daughter very much. He never posts any pictures of the GF and the ones she posts together, he's never smiling, or being loving, or touching her, or acting like they are a couple. . . so I'm thinking he's there because he wants an intact family for his daughter. Bummer for him. I ended up marrying the guy I was dating when he tried to come back to me. :-D Just 2 months ago actually, that all happened almost 4 years ago. Time flies.

    • Lol its funny how situations can change and turn around right back that person

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  • I broke up with my ex and really loved him and then realized months later I made a mistake. He and I didn't talk for about 5 months and then in January 2014 he came running back to me. I was walking just walking in the hall and heard someone say my name. I turned around it was him and I smiled and said hi and he gave me a hug and said he loved me, something told me it was a trap. The relationship only lasted for about month or two not very long. I then realized that he was playing with my feelings and leading me on he keep pushing me away and stuff and was always making excuses. Anyways, its October 2014 now and its been 7 months and counting since he and I have talked we don't say anything to each other nor talk or anything. The things is I am very mature for a age I've been told I am unlike him he doesn't know what to look for in a girl. And he doesn't know how to do his "part" in a relationship. I was always doing the work he was sitting back drinking and stuff. I'm sorry but I am not a therapists, either you be real with me or just leave me alone. I cannot stand guys that lead girls on or take them for granted and just break up with them out of the blue. He isn't ready for a fully serious committed relationship which something I would like to have in the future with someone else. I know what I want and I know who I want, and I will never ever again settle for less than what I deserve.

  • I'm going through the same thing my ex boyfriend broke up with me and weeks later got into another relationship with another girl.
    He wasn't happy with our rship anymore and thought he could do better, but I can see he's happy with the other girl because he subtweets about her on Twitter all the time.
    I can tell he misses me and wants me back it's been three months ever since the break up but doesn't want to start the conversation for some reason.
    So from a girls point of view your ex will probably miss you more then you miss her but her pride is stronger then her feelings and will act like she's not bothered about it the breakup and you with another girl.
    If you miss her and want her back it will take time to gain her trust back but do it sooner before another guy takes her!

    • She broke up with me for another , I tried everything to keep us together 3 yes together and she just broke up with me and said I didn't trust her and she wasn't happy in the relationship anymore, I did everythinga bf could do for his , she cheated on me in the beginning of the relationship back in 2011 and the guy dumped her couple was after we broke up and she camecrying back too me, and ever since couldn't trust her but I loved her I didn't have the heart to break up with her or cheat and even now although I'm over the situation I still don't want anyone right now she broke up with me in June and 3 wks after went out with the guy and he went to jail twice ever since they been together she was cold to me when I tried to fix things lied to me straight to my fafe , she hid his number in her phone and I found the mags when we was together rand tIt wasn't nothing flirty but she lied and I still forgave no I'm 2 months nc with her and I don't know I gave up a lot for this

    • Sorry my auto correction is miss spelling , but I'm not hoping for her to come back because I'm over her I don't want her anymore deep inside of me I just want an apology from

    • Yes I understand, she clearly doesn't like you enough to be staying loyal instead you was only a side person for her if you know what I mean. There are some girls like that in the world and pray to God you don't meet girls like her again because you do seen like a good guy and it's good that you're over her. But let's be truly honesty, if you were REALLY over her wouldn't you doing something other then asking this question! It's perfectly fine and I know how you feel when you said you only want an apology after putting in all this work! You have to understand people like her will never realise their faults, all all you gotta do is let your feelings catch up to you and haunt you but accept it and move on. Girls like her will never realise they have good guys like you but when they get hurt by the bad guy they come running back. Pretty stupid. But like I said accept it and move on

  • I just have to ask, why would you leave someone you love?

    • , you weren't happy no more, some person was around and more closer to you or you think you can do better

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    • How long were u guys apart?

    • We have been apart for almost 3 years (distance wise, not broken up).

  • Not exactly that way, but yes... we parted to separate paths, but went back together after some time.

    • Who ended the relationship and how long were u guys apart and how long did it take

    • No one ended it, we were apart for nearly 12 months

  • I've had both happen i was on and off with a guy i loved for 2 years and 9 breakups once he broke up with me and remarried his exwife a couple weeks later. He just kept coming back to me and I kept taking him back bc I loved him. When he remarried I decided it was time to get over him, his best friend knocked on my door outta no where we started hanging out, slept together and eventually started dating THEN my ex seperated from his wife and came knocking on my door he loved me, missed me, couldnt stop thinking about me etc. So i broke up with the friend and took him back again but everything was so different and I missed his friend like crazy so that didn't last long I ended it with him went back to the best friend and we spent 9 great months together before he remembered he's a commitment-phobe and ran away. A couple months later i saw my ex, the first guy, we started talking realized we still had feelings for each other and got back together we ended up moving in together. I wish i could say the story has a happy ending but after a couple months he left again giving me a list of reasons eventually he said it was actually bc i had not only dated his best friend but left him for his friend.


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