Any good advice or tips on what to do with my ex boyfriend?

We broke up earlier this August I don't even know why but he just wanted to. I think we were together too much.
But he found a girl two weeks later and has been with her even now?
I thought it was a rebound at first but now I think he likes her!
I haven't talked to him ever since our breakup and will not even bother to.
Should I move on? Any tips or advice?


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  • Move on, life has great things waiting only for you, dont look back and keep moving

    • Thanks I guess I should even tho it's hard

    • Is hard now, but in some time you will look back and then see that it was the right choice, n. n why not starting asking for tips for your new boyfriend? you can do that here and is fun!

    • Goood idea thanks for that!

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  • My heart goes out to you for being in this awful situation but life goes on, and am sure that very soon you will find that one unique decent guy who will just be so proud and honoured to have you as his girlfriend.

    In the meantime try and keep yourself busy and occupied to take your mind off past events, and please don't rely on any false hopes that things might still improve and he comes crawling back.

    It's time to move on and look forward to a bright, cheerful and hopefully wonderful romantic future.

    *Loads of Hugs*

    • Thank you so much , everything you say is true! Thank you so much 💕💕💕

    • You are so very, very welcome.

      And any time you're up for a chat, or just need a friendly shoulder, well you know where I am. :)

      I do wish you all the luck and happiness in the world.

      *Again am sending you loads of HUGS*

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  • I am sorry for you in this situation but, yes, you should start to move on. The reasons: he has another girl, you believe he likes her, you don't talk, he makes no effort to reconnect with you, he has put in the category of "past relationship". You should also put him that category.

    • True say, it is hard to move on!
      I just keeping going on his Twitter page and it always gets me hurt! I should stop but it's tempting!
      Any tips on what to do? I don't want him thinkkng I still like him

    • You are only human and doing what we have all done before. Clearly you are still in love with him but remember what he is doing - he is seeing someone else and enjoying it. Please give yourself time to stop looking at his Twitter page or any other social media he has. You will have to train yourself to do this gradually - don't go cold Turkey in this regard. Also, you need to go out and meet other people. Even if you just get chatted up by a few different men, you will begin to start to see yourself in another relationship.

    • Very well put! Thank you very much and I will start training my mind thank you so much! I feel 100% better

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