What is my ex playing at?

My ex was the love of my life, despite that we were only together for 7 months. We never had an argument, and we're very close as both friends and lovers. Part of my job means I have to travel, and while I was away in Rhode Island for a couple of months he broke it off, claiming he couldn't handle the distance (I would have to keep going away for a couple of months at a time once a year).

I don't beleive he cheated on me, but I do beleive he broke it off to persue another girl that had been hanging out with him in his friendship group. They are now together, and have been dating since pretty much a week after we broke up.

I was devastated and went through depression and subsequently a job loss. Now, 5 months on im much better but still totally heartbroken. My ex has recently started following me on Instagram again and liking my pictures. He commented on a picture of me on a trampoline on a first date with a guy. The guy I went on the date with commented 'seems like a keeper', and my ex commented underneath saying 'what he said'
He has also text me saying 'hope you are doing well'.

My question is, this guy cut me off for another chick without even turning back, and now he's doing all these little things to communicate with me again, what is he doing? It's making getting over him difficult, despite the fact that I desperately want him back :(


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  • He is trying to mend things with you in a weird 'follow her' sort of way.


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