How to tell an ex I can't be friends?

How should I tell her?

Its been 1,5 months since the break up... I tried 4 weeks of No Contact. After that she acted hot/cold. By this I mean:
One day she could send me a lot of texts, wanted to know details about my life (work situration ect)
After that she could go completely cold.. Either giving me short yes/no replies or no replies at all... Then 5 days later she is yet again very interested in what is going on in my life...

She was the one who suggested to "be friends"... Yet I feel like I am the only one who is actually interrested in it...

So i have defriended her on Facebook and all other platforms... I need to move on.

But what should I say when she noticed I have removed her?

Just a short:
"Yes we both need to move on"
"Sorry, but I no longer have any interest in being friends with you"

Or should I try to explain that I can't do this friendship thing when she is showing zero interrest in it?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Since you have not moved on and she wants to still know what you are doing, It will be best to avoid any contact at all. If she contacts you, kindly tell her that you need privacy.

    • So no passive/agressive text where I tell herr off, and how she has been playing with my feelings with her hot/cold behaviour?
      Just a short text like:
      "Yes I unfreinded you. We both need to move on with our lives, and we can't do that as friends. Goodbye"

      And then leave it at that?

    • Yes, the short text will work. Good luck!

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  • I delete, block, change my number... whatever it takes to lose contact


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  • You simply tell her that you have no need for her ''friendship''. You already have friends, so to keep an ex as a ''friend'' is ridiculous, pointless and fake. There is absolutely no reason to keep an ex in your life. If she really is still interested in you, imagine what a pain in the ass she will become if all of a sudden you find another partner.

  • 2nd option man


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