I don't know if I'm being messed with or not?

Recently, my ex reached out to me by email. She said she missed me and asked if we could be friends. I was very happy to hear from her. I said yes, and can we talk about it. After that, she turned to stone and I told her that wasn't what I meant. All I meant was that it would be nice to talk to her. She said based on my reaction it may be too soon. I told her AGAIN that wasn't what I meant. She said ok. Please let me think about it. That was a week ago and I haven't heard back from her. Am I being screwed with?
I feel like she's torturing me. How long does it take someone who claims to miss you to think about it when it was their idea to reach out to you in the first place?


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  • doesn't sound like she's messing with you, sounds like she is apprehensive, coz she wants to be close to you, but scared to commit for now, leave the ball in her court,

    • That's what I'm doing. I haven't said anything since. So you think she actually cares?

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    • you know, sometimes its harder and more emotional to hold on than it is to actually let go!! To get someones attention is to stop giving them yours. Someone better will only come along, if you find the courage and strength to move on from the past. If she is dunb enough to let you go, then be smart enough to let her go. One day you will meet someone who deserves you, and you will look back at this girl you are crazy about now, and think ," thank goodness I am not with the girl i almost settles for" Save your time, energy, emotion and heart for someone who is worth it!

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  • Possibly. I would just ignore her from now on and try and meet other people. If she reaches out again fine if not no loss


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