Help me get payback?

So this guy completely fucked me over. I know I'll never see the $400 he "borrowed" and have since stopped seeing him. The best way I believe I can get back at him, is by getting him killed off in his stupid games. Help me annoy/piss him off. His username is zobek, I know he plays COD a LOT.
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I suppose it's really not worth the time nor effort to even attempt this.


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  • Have you got evidence you lent him for $400. Take to him to court. why don't you just sue him. If you really want your money back.


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  • Not to be that girl, but you can better than that. He stole from you basicaly so court is good, or filing a police report on him. Or telling all of the ladies in the town what he did so he can't get a not sketchy girl to date him.

    But him getting killed on his video games? c'mon!
    You should watch the Other Woman with Cameron Diaz. Now that's a revenge movie.


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  • Get his ass on Judge Judy - she'll love the fact he plays COD all day and go all precision airstrike on him.

    Note that you'll need evidence.

  • Find proof it was a loan and not a gift. Then sue him. I mean HELLOOO!!! Ain't you ever seen Peoples Court?

  • Um... I dnt think so.


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