Guys how do you feel if your girl says she needs space?

How does it feel when you think your girl is going to leave you and is upset? If you haven't treated her well do you start to regret it or do you move on that second?


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  • I cannot speak on the behalf of other guys, but I suppose the answer depends upon how much the guy cares for her and why he has mistreated her. Ideally, though, if he cares for her and the relationship is regularly in good standing, he'll regret it.


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  • It hurts like crazy. But she deserves to be treated well. If she cares for you I would like to think she would give you an opportunity to seek her forgiveness. It's the worst place to be and the worst thing to feel when you lose the one you love. But you hopefully learn to treat her like a queen. Respect her honor her and cherish her.

  • When a girl wants space or a break it's the beginning of the end and I'll give her all the space she needs. I walk away from her and our relationship.


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