Ever since going out with this particular guy, I feel like I've lost friends and other issues have been happening so not sure?

I want to know what other peoples' opinions are and reasons to interpret my situation. I've been dating my bf for 9 months and we had a big fight a few days ago. there are a few disagreements. A few things he's done to annoy me include: stating he doesn't have enough money for rent, car, gas, or coffee (but gave 2$ to a homeless guy once when he told me couldn't buy me coffee), when moving out had no soap, toilet paper, forks etc so I bought some for him, comes from family of teen pregnancy & alcoholism, his mothers been rude about my mother (saying she'd punch my mom b/c my mom won't let him in the house, just like she's done to everyone, however, his mother takes it personally), got lost driving on a highway and didn't know how to get somewhere while telling me he was going to some place (intending to impress me); I am mostly affected by the negative things spanning the 9 months so far and not sure if I should continue. I've asked for space, and he said he sucks as a bf and moped. I'm not sure what to do since I'm concerned about his mental health. He didn't seem stable the last few days. It's been up and down. I've said mean things but told him I regret it and it's hard for me to be spending money on basic things for him when I'm not getting many hours at work. I care but it feels horrible that I want to break up with him sometimes. I want it to work out or the problems be solved, but his family is too much stupid and I've had a lot of patience... what should I do? I guess I'm not happy but I suck at making decisions.


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  • He has family issues that he needs to solve. Until then, you should take a break.. And honestly, if you have the nerve to put up with his mom after everything she said about your mom, and you are only dating 9 months, imagine what would it be like to date him a year, or marry him? Look for someone who is happy and can handle life!


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  • It sounds like he really shouldn't be dating right now, I would suggest that you break up with him.


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