My ex boyfriend is threatening to commit suicide. What should I do? Should I tell a family member of his, or just ignore him?

He's been saying it for a week now he said he's not making it past halloween. The threats started sounding more serious after i told him i went out with a new guy. Is this just a silly mind game?
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  • Just ignore his threats its probably just a game of his
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He is 24 years old and i am 19 years old. He has a daughter he never gets to see might that take part in his sadness?


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  • I am of two minds.

    1) Never take that lightly, b/c you never know

    2) He is doing this b/c you dumped him and are seeing someone else, so he is being a bitch. Tell him to "do that shit outside, so the poor bastard who has to clean it up can just use the hose"

    Sorry... I hate drama queens who threaten suicide bc someone dumped them.

    • Your first break up, especially if it was a pretty long relationship really can feel like your life is over though. You still believe in fairy tale love and when you feel like your entire world is built around her it can be devastating to have your entire notion of "true love" and "love at first sight" fairy tale versions of love, be ripped to shreds and everything you feel matters in life, suddenly not be there any more. It feels like you don't know which way is up and which way is down any more. Or at least I did. It really can feel like there is no point in living anymore.

    • That is true, my first breakup was fairly devastating. But I never whined about how I was going to kill myself to her, after she told me she had found someone else.

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  • I don't know what to tell you and I don't want to give you bad advice (because then it is like I am responsible for his death if you do what I say and he still offs himself) At the end of the day you have to realize that, no matter what, it is his life and he has to make his own choices in it. This means that if he wants to kill himself and goes through with it, then you are in no way responsible and neither is anyone else. He made his choice and whether it was a good or a bad one. Well, nobody knows what happens in the after life so nobody knows if it is a good or bad decision to end your life prematurely and what truly justifies it.

    The very first thing I think you should do is go see a school faculty who knows you both closely and ask them for advice. They should guide you to where you should go.

    I have someone some advice that he said on here helped him quite a bit. Although he didn't give me best answer so I dunno.

    It is sorta a suicide under different pretences though.

    I think the next step is to maybe help him get through the break up by

    1.) telling him that you will still be his friend, and maybe one day, you may even be together again. However, right now you have to go your own way

    ^^ Saying something like this, but from the heart, would be pretty epic

    2.) find someone else for him that would be a good fit. Continue to be his friend and support him but keep a firm position that all you are is a friend and that this is a very nice girl and you should really give her a chance and that you have a boyfriend and that he is a very nice guy and your guy friend is no longer a part of your romantic life anymore. Sorry

    3.) keep him close and be warm with him as a caring friend and offer to talk if necessary, but keep your distance and don't let him suck you back in.

    • He's 24 he already has a daughter and he is divorced i can't see why this is so devastating to him. I keep bringing up his daughter and it doesn't seem to help at all. I don't know what to say what to do.

  • It's a form of manipulation. You should never get back with him. He'll make your life a living hell. Do try to get him professional help though.

  • A person who actually wants to commit suicide isn't going to forewarn people and thereby jeopardize his chances of committing suicide.

  • Game? If so he's a sick f+ck!!! I would call someone yesterday...

  • Actually, a person would do that @evenlift. It's their way of showing someone they are in pain and is a way of them seeking help, sorta. Never take a suicide threat lightly, always warn a family member who is RESPONIBLE, and won't just blow it off, also get him other help, call him and talk to him and/or give him the number for the suicide hotline, 1-800-273-8255


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  • I've noticed a lot of guys threaten to commit suicide after a break up.

    When I was dating my baby's dad, he was so in love and obsessed with me, but he had serious anger issues that I just couldn't handle. He scared me. So one night after a fight I tried to end things and he freaked out, he took out a knife and cut himself in front of me.
    He constantly threatened to take his life, he's a gang member from California and he's had a crazy life and has a lot of issues, I didn't know how to handle it. His roommates knew how he was so they kept an eye on him when I left. sometimes its serious, but other times its not.
    Always make sure someone knows. You never want to ignore someone in that state of mind, you never know if they are serious. And you wouldn't be able to live with yourself if he actually went through with it. Sorry he's putting you through that. Don't let him trap you into something you don't want. I know my ex trapped me for a long time and now I have a child with him that he hasn't even met yet.
    Get out while you can <3 it never ends well

    • You should message me if you ever need to talk about it girl, I'm 19 also and my ex was 25 at the time, he also has another daughter he was never able to see. But it isn't an excuse, like I said, don't let him trap you.

      Don't make excuses for him, it can turn into an abusive, controlling situation.

  • Never ignore someone when they tell you they want to commit suicide. No matter how jokingly they may sound, it is almost always a cry for help whether it is big or small is not worth finding out. Tell someone close to him or call crisis or someone who can give him the attention that he needs.

  • It could be a game or he could have some intentions on carrying through with those threats. I personally have never known someone who committed suicide. However from what I have read and heard from others is that when they are threatening they are crying for help. When they stop threatening and become extremely quiet and solitary, they have made up their mind to carry through on their earlier threats.

    Tell his family, or friends they will probably thank you for it later. I'd hope if my brother was in that sort of mental state that someone would tell his family about it.

  • I would take this seriously if I were you. Try to help him, make sure he knows there are people around that care about him.

  • Call 911. People like that aren't joking and they need some fucking help.

  • you should tell him that "life is a gift don't just throw it away and this random girl online told you to tell him" if he's gonna do something like that at least do something for the less before he does commit suicide which i dont support and obviously tell someone about this


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