This girl on online dating totally played me and led me on. How do I get over this?

This girl on online dating totally played me and led me on.. How do I get over this?


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  • Hey! if she played you what you can do play them all ladies that you can get in online dating site by fucking them real hard until you get the right one.

    • Thats could only happen if i had good looks

    • you think you dont have looks comeon man dont be down belive your self and be open.

    • Thats not what the other gagers say about me

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  • Message the next one. I know that's not probably what you want to hear but each one is a learning experience when it comes to online dating. I've been led on once or twice by girls I met online and it sucks but the next one may really dig you so get back out there.

  • who cares most online people are so shallow and up themselves anyways. let someone else hurt them

    • Just when things were looking up after my break up

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    • They were looking up with her

    • oh, sorry to hear about that, a similar thing happened to me recently. broke up with girl and got back and then broke up again. i thought things where looking up too :(

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