Someone help me I dont know what to do?

i about to message my ex/should i? i dont know what to do, i keep telling myself not to cause what an asshole he was being, but then i keep thinking of the other times, the good times we had. i can't sleep! tell me what to do!!! help me. i dont want to look pathetic, or sound needy or anything, i haven't been able to sleep well this whole week. should i even bother? someone give me advice!!


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  • Don't do it. It's not him you're wanting back, it's the happy times you spent with him that you want back. I know how it feels, when I broke up... I didn't like my ex, but I missed the amazing times we spent together and how happy I was then, I wanted to experience it again and it sometimes made me think about trying to give her another go, but we broke up for a reason, and whenever I thought about the happy times, I reminded myself of the bad times, the times I tried to forget about, the times when she made me feel like complete crap... And I realised I don't need her for happiness, I'll be happy again... Without her. And you will too, move on, you can have good times with someone else in the future, someone who doesn't act like an asshole. :)

    • thank you so much! :) i really needed to hear that im reluctant to message him thank god i didn't

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  • if he was indeed an asshole then don't... yes you Will look pathetic... he's gonna think your a sucker and he can get away with being an asshole.. if he cares about you he's gonna contact you and if he doesn't then he doesn't care and you have to go on without him.


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  • Do not message him you two broke up for a reason. He is your EX for a reason don't go back to him and do not message him it doesn't help at all. It will make you look like you are chasing him, if you have to chase love then it isn't real love honestly. Cut off contact with him and do not talk to him whatsoever. If he was an a hole then truth be told you don't deserve him you deserve better and he doesn't deserve you. That's just how relationship go. Once you get out of a relationship that doesn't make you a better person then you soon realize what you DO want out of a relationship and what to look for in a person. I think it is the memories you are attached its not him, its the memories. Don't be ashamed though my ex was a jerk and a player. He cheated on me, led me on, strung me, mistreated me, etc. He used me, said he loved me and gave me a hug after we didn't talk for 5 months. So I decided to get back together with him and it was a bad idea. It only lasted for a month or two and I found out that he just led me on and didn't care about my feelings. I can't take it when guys have a good women right there in front of there faces that loves them and supports them and everything and they can't appreciate who they have that are to busy looking at "who" they don't have. If you are going mistreated me and use me, and not be real with me and serious then just let me be. I've been chewed up and spit out before that's how the break up felt but with time which took about 7 months I lost feelings for him. Trust me girl, you don't deserve him and he must be blind to realize that you are good for him he just was to blind to see that. You don't deserve that jerk trust me you deserve so much better. Don't be ashamed because I went through the same thing and now I know I deserve better. And I know what I want, I don't want some boy, I want me a gentlemen, a man. You'll meet someone better than him, move on and distract yourself and meet new people.


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