We have been together two years have a son and now he says he doesn't know what he wants?

We have been doing so well the past two years he doesn't know how to express emotion or love never had it at home from his parents. Now he is saying he doesn't know what he wants and only when he drinks he has strong feeling towards me and knows he loves me and is happy but when sober he's just cold and well not very nice. I got tired and told him if he didn't know what he wanted then i was just going to have to try and move on but he says i broke his heart when i said that he says he misses us wants to be with us but negativity beats him. He has gone through depression before but I don't know what to do now I'm suffering along with our son. He asked me for time to give him time to see whats wrong and what he really wants. He tells me he wants to be a family but really I just think he isn't not mentally ready for it.


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  • Make sure he holds his son to get a bond with him. He needs to man-up and be a father. If he does it will be a lot better for the boy, and, he will most likely really enjoy being a father as time goes on and the boy grows up from a baby. As a young father though he doesn't have a strong bond yet. It comes as time goes by and he is in the boy's life watching him grow. If you hang out with other young parents it would help him see that it is a normal thing to do. If you don't have such friends, go to a busy park or playground and he can see the other guys and that they are happy and engaged in the lives of their kids. But, if he has significant mental issues, maybe it would be best to to have him in the child's life.

    • Do you think I should walk away? I try but I can't he looks for me and then tells me lets go out have fun but cancels at the end saying he is afraid of seeing me. He wants the comfort of knowing im still there and is afraid im moving on.

    • He will have to make the decision of being a full time father or just a guy that wants to have fun. If all he wants to do is have fun then he is just a distraction. Do what you think is best for your son, not the father or even yourself.

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  • Give him time if its meant to be it will happen. Take it from me don't force the relationship If he's giving you signs and telling you he needs time please listen. At least he's willing to be with you as family my guy left all of us (3 kids)!


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