In NC and ex boyfriend is asking what he should do with my things!?

I'm in no contact with my long distance ex boyfriend. We haven't talked in 2 weeks. I left lingerie at his house from this summer and he texted me asking what he should do with it and if i would like him to send it back to me...

I haven't texted back. I don't really know what to say... It's been 3 days since he texted me and I'm wondering if I should respond back saying that I don't want it, that he should just throw them in the garbage or just keep strong to my No contact and ignore the text all together.

I don't know why he is asking me this now after 3 weeks of being broken up.. If he was that concerned with it wouldn't he have asked when we first broke up? Could he just be using this as a reason to talk to me? ugghhh, don't know what to do!!


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  • He could be trolling bait. You'd be wise to maintain no contact.

    This is especially true if you broke it off with him. You need to show him you're having no second thoughts.

    Uh, if it's nice stuff and size 4 I'll give you my ex's address. Maybe the two of them will hit it off.

    • Yes, I broke it off with him. I infact didn't want to end things but I felt that it was what needed to be done. He had become very distant and cold twords me for the last few months, leaving me upset and crying all the time...

      And now he's sending random texts that don't mean much. Like "Did you get my text? My phone said you didn't get it, I'm just checking?" and "What should I do with the lingerie, send it back?"

      LOL!! That last one gave me a good laugh!! :D

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  • if you dont want it just maintain no contact, sounds like an excuse to talk to you tbh. he could have mailed it to you without asking if he just wanted to give it back. v


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  • yeah its weird he asked , I mean a lot of guys just keep something like that as a souvenir , and its easy to buy again so its not like your going to miss it much? its just seems like a weird thing to ask someone and if you don't care about them I wouldn't bother getting in a discussion with him about them

  • If you do not want the clothes and are not interested in him, do not answer. It sounds as if you are having second thoughts about him. You left for a reason - remember that reason and move on.


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