Rebound relationship after 8years?

I was with my ex for 8years he cheated on me a few times but because I loved him so much I forgave him 2months ago he left me because he said he just wanted to be single and wasn't sure what he wanted in his life right now we have a two year old and I was 7months pregnant at that point but 2weeks after splitting he joined POF and started rubbing it in my face all these girls he was talking to so I went joined POF just to make him jealous then he rung me as soon as he seen me in there saying it had really upset him and that he loves me so we met and he wanted to be friends with benefits he said he loved me but couldn't be with me 3weeks after we split he started talking to some girl with same name going on dates with her and he told me all about them so I spoke to a lad just general chat and I went talking about him behind his back to his cousin cuz she was the only one who was there for me and even agreed he shouldn't be treating me like this he found out and went off on a mad one saying has no respect for me anymore I appologised to him so much because I was just so hurt by what he had been doing last few weeks his been trying to get on with me saying he don't want to loose me as a friend but I'm now a week from having our baby and he told me last Monday that him and this girl want to have a relationship so I just left it didn't go mad he said he was gonna take things slow hadn't done anything with her at all like kiss or anything but over the weekend they have been plastering it all over Facebook he put love you babe even tho suppose to be taking things slow so I deleted him off there packed all his stuff up from the house and made him pick it all up now everything's gone awkward today when went to see the midwife didn't speak to eachother do you think it is just a rebound relationship and his trying to make me jealous because he knows how much I care and love him have I done the right thing deleting him and giving him all his stuff back please can someone help


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  • sounds like he's playing you, and your allowing it

    • I know he is but because I love him so much and miss him loads he was my best friend aswell as bf the only person I could really talk to I just don't know how to get over him I can't kick him out of my life because of the kids everything I do his making me feel like the bad person all because of our son and unborn child and he thinks that in a few months if his still with this girl then she can meet the kids and hopefully get on with me but I don't think i don't want any other woman he meets or any other man I meet to be in and out of my kids lives

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