Why is he acting so weird?

This guy I know seems to be acting weird more than usual and I need some help putting the pieces together so please tell me what you all can conclude by putting the pieces together. Here is the situation: Between being suspended at work, money, he has told me more than once he was broke, his wife may be out of the house, she is working a full time job at a doctors office though. I think that is weird all by it self that she got a fulltime day job. She was dependent on him before that. He was full time and she was working hotel reception for only a couple over nights a week. He has 2 children he seems depressed and has been acting weird around me lately and sometimes gets mad at me about things that he can't even tell me why. He got suspended at work for breaking in to someone's locker. That's pretty stupid. Based on this situation as a whole what do you think is going on?


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  • He is depressed, despondent, and moody. Basically, his life is in turmoil and he is trying to deal with it and correct it himself. Consequently, you've become his occasional target in which he unleashes his anger on.

    • Do you think he necessarily means it to express his anger on me?

    • Considering his misfortune, it's safe to assume you are likely not the cause of his anger when he's snaps at you. You are simply the person he takes his frustrations out on.

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