What are ways you can tell a couple is getting divorced?

What type of things would happen?


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  • Grocery listing faults
    Hateful communication- intent to hurt rather than thoughtlessness
    Not working as a team
    Long times apart
    Change or absence of sex life
    Lack of trust relationship
    When the person stops getting angry and checks out emotionally


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  • Have you read the 4 horseman of divorce by Gottman. Famous analogy for divorce indicators www.gottmanblog.com/.../...ognizing-criticism.html I may be heading there myself.

    • What's happening in your marriage?

    • Short version: I am a late bloomer who settled down with the first girl I met. But I have grown into a much more powerful and handsome guy and although I love her, I want to experience more in the love game. I am still trying to change her to be more adventurous but its not working. She has a low libido and is more interested in children and family. I am adventurous and want to explore. We have discussed this and we trying to make it wor (she even gave me the greenlight to sleep with high class prozzies to get my fantasies out) but its not working and to be honest, I can't do that. Its too easy.

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