Would I be wrong for ignoring the father of my child?

My ex recently broke up with me because I told him I don't trust him. Mind you he cheated on me about 4 times in our whole 4 years of dating. I even found out 2 weeks before he broke up with me that he cheated on me while I was pregnant. He was in college 6hours away while I was living with his mom because my parents kicked me out. He did this 2 years ago my daughter is 1 now.

Anyway he also stole money from his family & I was almost blammed, I also seen in his Google search history that he was finding ways to steal cars and so fourth & seeing the dating sites that he signed up for.

He dosent have a job and he said that he don't want a job that he's going to hate so he rather sell weed and rob people.

I'm constantly finding things that hurts me & I would countlessly tell him to stop but he always says im just trying to find ways to argue with him when I'm just trying to figure out why and etc.

Anyway he lives in another state about 45 min away right now, Im the one who drives my car all the time too see him give him money & on top of that I buy hotel rooms so that he can have family time since he isn't allowed in my parents house.

I seen girls asking him if they can suck him off in text messages & he would tell me they never did anything and so fourth.

So when we finally sat down and talk last week I explained to him that I don't trust him , he asked how long will it take to gain my trust back and I told him idk. He then asked for a break and that I need to let him go & live my life for a bit then try again. The only time he see his daughter is when I drive to see him or get the hotels. Never once did he ask for her to watch.

After he broke up with me I deleted his number and blocked him. I don't want anything to do with him & I don't even want to have my daughter near him :(

I know that's immature he texted me asking how me & my daughter was doing but I ignored him.

Is it ok if I keep going at this? I


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  • Under normal condtions the father needs to see his child but your issue is different. That man is not acting like or filling the role of father.

    You are shoving a bad person on your daughter and the last thing she needs is to see how disposable you her mother is. Girls learn all about love from their father. If she sees her father treat you like crap she will bring home a boy who treats her like crap.


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  • you do have a child together so only talk to him for your daughter. if he tries to move the conversation to any other subject regarding your daughter then hang up on him. but take his calls bc he is the father. just never talk to him unless the subject is your daughter

    so a good way to reply to the "how are you and the baby doing?" text could be: "Amelia is doing fine. would you like to talk to her?" everytime he tries to talk to you, put the subject back on the baby. if you do this enough he''ll know your not for the bullshit

    put him on child support immediately. in some states if he doesn't pay it he can get his license suspended. just stop doing dumb shit for him like driving to see him and paying for hotels. he has got to be a man and show willingness to be involved. if he can make the effort to steal cars and sell drugs then he can see his daughter. you just can't do anything to prevent him from seeing his daughter like ignoring him and cutting contact


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  • That man doesn't deserve to be a father and you don't want your kids growing up around him unless he turns a new leaf

  • how did you manage to pick such a bad man


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