I'm new to this site, but look forward to participating regularly. I recently broke up with the true love of my life?

We were together for 5 years and still deeply in love. I recently went through a devastating personal trauma and wouldn't let him help me through it, even though he never left my side during one of the darkest periods of my life. I was too ashamed and broken to let myself believe he'd still love me. He believed in me and all I did was let him down and break his heart. He ended our relationship because he could no longer trust me or handle being shut out any longer. I've tried to convince myself that he deserves better after all I've put him through and haven't contacted him over the last 2 months. but I still love and miss him desperately. I want to fight for him and our love but dont know how to start or if I even should? Staying away has been the hardest battle...
Thank you again


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  • @Lawgrl12 Welcome to the community. Based on what you said I do think you should reach back out to him, it sounds like you guys have a very special thing. You need closure either way, so I would suggest sending him an informal text and see if he responds. Maybe you could grab lunch and chat. If he stood by you for that long, it sounds like he is a good person.

    • Thank you so much for such a quick response. He is heartbroken, but also angry. I wasn't unfaithful, which I know men experience in that kind of betrayal, but how long should I wait to contact him? If this is my last chance I want to do it in person. Will seeing me after 2 months be hard for him and/or remind him he still loves me?

    • @Lawgrl12 I think you have definitely waited long enough to contact him... in fact you probably could have contacted him sooner if you wanted. I'm sure that seeing you after two months will be hard for him, especially if he still has strong feelings for you although I'm not sure if he still loves you. Best way to find out is just bite the bullet and ask him to meet in person. I would suggest an informal meeting/eating at a public place. Best of luck with it.

  • You have been very selfish perhaps because you very young but I know many mature women do for unexplained reasons. Being like that is not positive thinking and immature. Please grow up


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