Ex who promised to be friends is ignoring me!!?

We are 23 n 34, broke up about 4 months ago, a relationship of 4 years. We both promised each other to be friends no matter what, to also not enter relationships for a while. Because of manipulative tactics he ruined a potential relationship I could hav had with a really nice guy, you know selfish reasons- he'd keep stringing me along like I had a chance. So tired of being hurt I didn't fall for it with this new guy. After dating about a month I made it official. Now my ex wants nothing to do with me. His stupid older brother told him that I'll prolly move on when I get a new bf or husband especially if he tells me to stop talking to him. This isn't true at all. I honestly care for my ex as a friend and would never abandon him, it hurts my heart that he'd just throw away our friendship thinking the worse. My new bf n my friends always laugh and say I should jus forget him (he's really short n kind of geeky looking but I fell in love with him when I was a little chubby lol) cos I'm way better looking but it's not like that. I really love n respect him as a friend. My parents don't like him too much but his parents adore me and think I'm the best thing that has happened to him now that he doesn't have me he went back into doing drugs. I don't know what to do. He's the one who broke up with me after cheating and now he won't pick up telling me he'll talk if I really need him and he won't let me see our cat, he says he's not mine anymore :\


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  • You ever think it was for the best if he went back to using drugs
    he is former drug addict your saying cause of you was clean
    well when you wasn't around you never know what he was doing
    i could be wrong about the whole situation, i seriously think you can
    do better than him or am i missing something here i know none of us
    are perfect.


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  • Ohhhh no? He won't let your see your cat? Lol

    • I had that cat for 4 years, dumb bitch I assume you can't even keep a gold fish alive

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    • Only cowards post on anon (smirks) wouldn't be the first time a guy spiraled downwards from me even if that was true, but I admit I'm a female douchebag. I rather be an asshole than a shallow dumbass like you who doesn't understand the concept of a companion :)

    • some pretty big words there, thank goodness for spell check huh lol and me? Shallow, sometimes. A dumbass, occasionally! But apparently your like ruining all these lives of guys who "spiral downward" poor dudes.

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  • If he don't want to be friend with you, don't chase him.


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