Ex contacts me after 3 months of NC?

So we dated for a month, broke up for 3. We had no contact. He texts me today and asks me how I have been. We text back and forth polite stuff all day, catching up a little. He basically never said anything important.. just kind of talked in circles and said he wanted to know how I had been. I finally had enough and told him it was nice to hear from him and to take care. Not sure what his game is... but I despise games. If you are contacting me for a reason--just tell me that reason ! Why did he contact me?


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  • I never understood the reason exes want to stay friends or in touch for that matter or this whole no contact thing for week or months. I think he missed you and wanted to see if you would say something to the fact you missed him too. Other that I dont' know, when you last only a month I would think both of you would never want to speak of the mistake you made being together.

    • He was going through a rough divorce, he was very angry and I did not feel he was ready for a relationship.. thought he needed time to heal and get the divorce finalized. We did not end on bad terms. His divorce is no final and he wanted me to know that and asked how I was doing. But then just talked in polite circles as I did with him.

    • Thanks for the clarity. I can see why he contacted you then your probably a good listener and a friend to him even if it is just idle chit-chat when your going to divorce I imagine it's stressful. Even though he knows his divorce isn't final I think he is just warming you up to him so one day he can try to have a relationship with you in the future.

    • His divorce is final.

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