Did he delete me off of Facebook because he's hurt?

Over the summer I met a guy who frequented my work (restaurant/bar), I'm 23, he's 25. We immediately hit it off and we started going out and talking all the time.

He moved kind of fast and I met his parents within the first month, he invited me on his family vacation and wanted to meet my parents (which he did later).

We started dating officially (he brought it up and said he wanted to) and told me I'm the closest girl he's had to a girlfriend. He almost told me he loved me one night (but stopped himself) when I took him out for his birthday and gave him a CD of his favorite band and local whiskey. He seemed so happy.

He was extremely sweet and understanding when he found out I was a virgin and said it was the last thing he cared about, he never pressured me, Eventually, we did sleep together (only once) but it was on my own terms and nothing changed right after.

One weekend he bailed on me to get drunk and watch the football game with a friend at my work. I went to work (after he said he was bailing a friend out from a DUI) and saw him there, and got extremely mad.

Later that night, he texted saying he could tell I was mad, then he started bombarding me with texts apologizing. I told him I'd rather talk about it in person and that I didn't like him bailing on me.

After that, I never heard anything again. A few days after the "argument" I apologized for getting so upset and that I know he didn't do it intentionally. The next week, I asked how he was, never heard anything back. The third week, he deleted me (and my friend who he met) off of facebook. I was so hurt and confused so I sent him one last message saying I didn't know what I did wrong and that if he didn't want to see me anymore he could've told me. I still really like him.

I never heard anything in three weeks and I only sent three messages. Did he delete me because he's hurt? Did he not have any feelings for me at all?


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  • it sounds like what he felt like you wasn't for real (may have seemed like it at the time), but it was easily broken. its better things ended now rather than later.


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