Why did she do this again?

Long story short we dated for 2 1/2 years then she started hanging out with some bad people and one day I got a text from her friend saying she was gonna break up with me. Then literally never spoke to me again. I was crushed and it took a long time to recover.

Fast forward we talked a year later. Start hanging out and kinda on and off dating. This was after we hung out for a while and she literally convinced me she was just in a bad time and was terribly sorry for the way she ended things.

Recently she was been being shady and I told her to just be honest if anything is up and that she doesn't have to lie about what she's doing. Always telling me she's out with people who she isn't. Then one day literally the same thing, I get a text saying she doesn't have feelings for me. And that was it haven't gotten a text back yet. She left me for almost a 40 year old guy and she's 22.

Is there something wrong with her? Like she's spend the past two weeks seeming head over heals for me. And I just found out everything was a lie. She managed to break up with me in the same terrible way as last time.


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What Girls Said 1

  • She was just flirting with you.

    • I knew at first our thing was just flirting because we only met up every now and then. But then we hung out regularly for a few months. Told me she loved me etc,, said she was so sorry for what she did the first time and that she never stopped thinking about me etc... Like we went on a vacation together. Started calling me to tell me good night. Paid for me for a bunch of things because she was making more money at the time. And when she started getting shady/ started doing what happened last time. I told her I couldn't experience her doing the same thing to me again and that we should end things if she didn't want to be serious about this. And she threw a huge tantrum started breaking shit and like screaming that she loved me and that she was over that part of her life and she just wanted to be with me. Then sure enough like 3 weeks later this happens. And literally the day after she cheated on me she called me and told me she loved me and hoped i was having a good day...

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  • Surely, any woman who sincerely cares for you, would not suddenly breakup with you after two and half years of dating you, via a third party text no less, without providing an explanation, then, disappear, regardless of the blows life dealt her.

    She simply stop caring, for you, and the relationship. Perhaps in your optimism and willingness to forgive her, you failed to recognize this. But worse, you easily accepted her back into your life although regardless of the fact her loyalty to you was still unproven.

    True to form, during the second time around with you, she met someone else and decided to end the relationship with you.


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