Does my ex want to get back together?

So my first love knew i was in a relationship with a girl. She was still willing to be with me if ileft my gf. And I told her i was gonna leave her, I didn't leave my gf for 6 months because she really loved me and I didn't want to break her heart because I know how it feels to have your heart broken. So my first love found out i was gonna go to a trip with my gf, and left me. After I came back from the trip i left my gf and tried getting back with my first love. But she has been hesitating it's been 4 months since my first love left me. She tells me she loves me and misses me but still doesn't want to get back together, we even had sex and she said she still feels the same way... We live 5 hours away from eachother we talk once a week when I call her she doesn't answer, usually we talk when she calls me, I don't know what to think.. I feel like she might be saying someone but I don't know maybe it's my conscience... I asked her if she seen us getting back together and she said "probably yes we would get back together" when she said that I felt as if she doesn't really want to. I don't know anymore...


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  • She may just be hurt. You said that you were going to leave your gf for her and then didn't. If I was in her position I would be both hurt and angry because you hadn't kept your word. With most women a word means a lot so don't say something unless you mean it and plan to put it into action.


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