Broke up with me because his feelings got stronger for me?

So my ex told me he broke up with me because he started to have feelings for me... I dont. understand!! How can you break up with someone you're falling for. is he lying? or people brrak up for this reason?


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  • Some do. Well, those who have a fear of committing. They tend to push their mates or potential mates away when they develop feelings or when they find themselves becoming attached to them.

    • Thanks for your feedback! But it doesn't make sense... why would you run from someone you have feelings for?

    • Google various posts on " a fear of commitment." It should clarify things for you.

    • Thank You :)

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  • Sounds like bull shit to me but he could be telling the truth.

    Maybe he didn't feel the love being reciprocated and was scared.


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  • In my case it was I didn't have enough trust in the girl I was falling in love with, I didn't want to get to the point where I liked her so much that when something bad happens I don't feel like shit for months. He probably didn't have enough trust.

  • Unfortunately, that is possible. He may not be ready to settle down or perhaps not want to ever settle down, so having feelings for you jeopardizes other goals/desires. You may have just been a friends with benefits to him--you may not have had the long-term qualities he wanted. It really could be any number of things. But it is possible. Sorry, it must suck.


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