How to get back together?

My ex and I had been fighting over little stupid stuff.. like our opinions & it would turn into fights and just little stuff but it was all the time.. he finally broke things off with me and we are about to go on vacation as "friends" I want to work things out and get back together. Any suggestions?


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  • Stop Talking to him and move on in your life, just for showing him that you don't need him anymore! Make him jealous and don't tell him that you miss him or something like that! And after some weeks of waiting try to be friends and revive all the good memories, never talk about things you did wrong!
    If you want to have guys attentions just make them Jealous.


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  • Did you ever think that maybe you two are just not a good match?

    if the fights were about petty things and then they lead you to break up then that is a sign that someone was purposely trying to find a reason to end a relationship. If two people really want to make their relationship work then they won't let petty things intterupt it. Maybe he was like "i will try a relationship out sinse i have never been in one" then when he found his girlfriend to be difficult or that he wants to explore more girls, he was like "i need to find a way out"

    Relationships work when two people share the same values, can compromise and effectively communicate.

    so if your fights have to do with eachothers values for example if you belive you should pray to God while he belives you should pray to Vishnu, Krishna, and Shiva (Hinduism) then you two are going to clash and for most people religion is not something that can easily be compromised.

    For me, i belive drugs are bad and want absoloutly nothing to do with it, so if a druggie wanted to date me, or if i caught my fiance doing drugs, I will not compromise that and nothing he could say will change my mind.

    Somethings you just can not compromise no matter how strong your feelings are for the person.

    thats like saying "He is perfect for me but i need to get him to agree with___ and i need to change his mind about ___ " If there are things you need to change about a person in order for them to be perfect, then that means the person is not perfect for you. Or maybe he felt like there were things he needed to change about you.

    Also if he feels like you just do not understand him then that is a sign that you two are not good at communicating with each other and although communication can be worked on, sometimes it just cant.

    Its not the end of the world, you are still young, go meet someone that you match with and not someone you fell for just because you really wanted to be in a relationship


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  • You broke up and are going on vacation together?
    That's probably not the best thing to do bc you won't enjoy the vacation while arguing.


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