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I love a girl with all my heart. We were together about one year and it was so perfect. I don't know what happend but she stopped loving me back. So we broke up and i can't stop thinking about her. the only thing she said was that she had no more feelings for me. I really want her back but i don't wanna do something wrong to make her go away! Right now i'm giving her time to recover. I don't know what to do and i'm getting crazy!


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  • Let it go and move on. If she's not in love anymore, she's not. It sucks, but it happens. I'm sorry. :(

    • I understand, but the thing is that i know and i'm pretty sure that she loves me! Thank you for the answer!

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  • Look bro, I've been through this several times, once when i was 18 and wanted to marry a girl i was with for a couple years. Look man: if she tells you that she doesn't love you, there is nothing you can do. Its not you its her. there is no magic words or anything that will actually change her feelings. She chose to do this and would have whether you cause it or not. She probably found another guy she's after more. It sucks man but trust me on this one, by the way the girl i liked fucked my friend in my class! So imagine that! Man there's girls out there, even tho you dont wanna read this, that will be better for you. The overall trick is this: MAKE YOURSELF VALUABLE TO YOURSELF AND YOU WILL ATTRACT MOST WOMEN AND THIS ONE WILL RUN BACK TO YOU. If you want a secret, there it is... dont cry over her, she will run away, but focus on yourself, get new clothes hang out have fun and she will see that she's not ALL THAT, and will probably try to see what ur up to. Keep in mind this may take anywhere from months to a year.

    • Thank you brother! This comment was almost the best answer I could get ever get. And I feel sorry for your friend, Sorry but I have to tell that I hate people like them they don't understand the meaning of brotherhood!
      Thank you once again bro!

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    • This guy is right! We love guys like that! Good luck honey!

    • thanks lol

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  • Were you in a committed relationship with her? If you weren't, then probably she broke it off because she wanted something more from you. Maybe she was giving you hints and you were not taking her on. Girls just don't stop loving you that easily...


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