Can u get back together with someone who you ended it with, if the next day they say they just want to be friends?

A few days ago I ended things with a girl and it was all so stupid of me, she said she wants to be friends to my friend ahhhhh I don't know wut to do I can't move on
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  • Tell me the whole story.

    • I ended it with her over something really stupid, while we were breaking up it got so heated it seemed like no matter what we did we couldn't get vac together. Later that night we had a friendly conversation but she just wasn't in to me anymore, I mean how the fuck can u change ur whole view on someone in 5 secs. I walked with her today and she told my friend that now she only wants to be friend because I was to paranoid with her or something, she also texted him 30 mins late telling him not to tell me what she said is that a good thing idk. All I do know is that I genuinely like this girl and I ccamt even tell her that's how far it's gone.

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