Do you boys sometimes miss your ex?

So say you broke up with her because you were getting bored of her and found someone new like a rebound!
You haven't heard from your ex in a few months will you miss her or would you just not care anymore l?


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  • Depending on the person and what the relationship was like. I know i would because no matter how bad things got or how they ended. I liked the girl enough to date and of course we had special moment ill cherish. there's always bad memories too but when I look back i try to focus on the the good stuff


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  • In my specific case, not at all. I believed she was the love of my life, but she ended up cheating on me. That was the last straw, and I broke up with her. I never miss her and got over her pretty quickly, but she instilled major trust issues about in me so I have never even attempted to date or being in a relationship, for more than 4 years. My self esteem, confidence and attractiveness have all been shattered into a thousand pieces, and I don't suppose I'll be good enough for any woman in my life again. But its alright, I'm not whining or complaining about it. Gotten used to this pretty well! :)

    • Hmm so you wouldn't miss her if she didn't cheat on you but you broke up with her?

    • Hmmmm... in that case, I may have missed her. But chances are, I would never have broken up with her over trivial matters because I put my heart and soul in everything I'm involved in (which includes relationships too). She could have still broken up with me, though.

    • Yeah you seem like me I guess. Loyalties everything some people and loyalty just don't go.

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