Why do mainly men go out and try to sleep with married service members or their gfs/significant others? Have you no shame or dignity or respect?

Jody or Jodies are any man (men) who sleep with your significant other while you're not around for either training, a deployment, or whatever. These are the sickest types of people. To brag that your banging someone else's girl, while he's deployed, is despicable. Who wants to get a dear john letter or come home to a girl who's gone? I don't understand people and it makes you question why you do things sometimes


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  • That is really disgusting.


What Guys Said 1

  • It's the girls fault as much as it is the guys.

    • Actually I'd say it's MORE the girls fault.

      The guy is single for one

      And if the girl doesn't accept, it doesn't happen. It's all on the girl.

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