Is he kindly rejecting me or is he just being nice and I took the message the wrong way?

I messed up my relationship with this guy. We were doing so great in the initial dating stage but as soon as it became official, we fought then he broke up with me. I sent him a very long apology message about how sorry I was for everything that I missed up on, and the last few days, i have been pretty much flat out saying that I want him back and I want to make this work in anyway I can. He and I were at the store 3 weeks ago and he jokingly shoved me and I hit a shelf leaving a nasty bruise, and he jokingly said some other stuff which offended me at the time, but I have let it go. With him, I apologized and he continues to still hold whatever happened over my head. We were on the phone for almost 2 hours last night just talking and joking around. I told him that I missed this a lot. He did not say much. He said he was coming up from the valley in about 2 weeks and he said we can wait till then to figure out what happens next, like we can still talk and hang out once he gets here and see how it works out. I was kind of hurt by that because for me, I feel like a person should know if they want to be with someone or not. When he got off the phone, he texted me "Good night Emoji star" I replied "Nite.." and his response was "******. This is what I'm talking about don't go sour on me. I just need sometime to think." I replied "I'm not going sour. I'm just hurt that's all." He replied "Hey either way the sun will still rise and it doesn't hurt that your beautiful;) No matter what happens your gonna be alright." To me, that last text was heart warming but kind of saying there is no chance of us getting back together. Opinions?


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  • He has the upper hand, he's using it. He knows you are feeling guilty, so he's trying to squish you under his toes ( pardon my words if they hurt you, but that's the best i could explain). He'll never forgive you, and will keep treating you like shit till he meets someone else. It's not compulsory that he's an asshole for what he did. You never explained how exactly you messed up. If you hurt him badly by saying something against his mother or best friends then his behaviour is obvious. But if you did something immature but not severe, his behaviour is not reasonable. Anyways, he's acting immature.. He should have never started talking to you again and end it then and there if he hated you, playing such games is very childish

    • He said that I made him feel as if I had chose my guy friend over him. He says this because he had a feeling that my guy friend had feelings for me and I did not think he did. But when this guy broke up with me, a few days later he did say he had feelings for me. He always throws in my face how he was right about it.

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    • Never. I would not try to compare these two guys because they're completely different.

    • Something happened though. We dont know the entire picture here. But it was really not.. Umm.. Pardon my words.. Smart of you to assume that your guy friend doesn't have feelings for you. Everyone knows that " just friends" is a myth, there is always some attraction, levels are different. When you rejected your bf's statement he felt that you didn't trust him enough even when he was telling the truth ( when he was) so he got angry. At this age, you should have known this. Having a gf who doesn't trust you is really bad.

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