Is it good to be friends with your ex? What's the difference between an ex who can become your friend, and exes who you just never talk to?

So my ex and I have been in a long distance relationship. But this summer he broke it off with me because he met a girl. Which is understandable... even though I was heartbroken, because while I was still with him, I did have other feelings for other guys in my city, I just never pursued them.

A month after the relationship was ended we started to talk again, but it was hard for me because he was dating the other girl... yet he told me he still liked me.

It's been a while now, and I'm not trying to speed up things, I'm taking them slow, but sometimes, I just want to talk to him.

But I was just wondering, what makes people decide to be friends with their ex or not.


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  • Kinda depends how significant you guys were to each other. And if the break up was done properly, then you both just need time to lose "those" feelings for each other.

    I wouldn't try to be friends with him though if the fact that he's dating another girl hurts you. You need to be completely over him before you can be an honest friend with him.

    for a while my ex and I were giving each other dating advice because one another so well.


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  • To be friends with an ex usually means you are a muture person didn't leave in bad terms or their feeling weren't that strong for the other person it doesn't hurt them to still have them as friends


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