Ex is not over me.. I guess?

Just found this online in an article named “7 signs your ex isn’t over you“.
This has basicly been the story of my ex. It tells it so well…
(Just swap the gender to female)

I have now cut her of my life, removed her from facebook, deleted her number ect. But there has been no reaction yet. What is going on in her mind now?


This is the ex that comes in and out of your life at his convenience. You hear from him when you least expect it. He wants to keep in touch with you because he wants to know if you are dating anyone. If you aren’t and you show a lot of interest in him, he withdraws and disappears again. He comes back into your life to make sure you are still available and still willing to get back together. Once he confirms those facts, he disappears again.


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  • it could be that she is not over you or she could just be interested in your life it can be hard to tell


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  • Does Articles aren't 100% real or true.. like does books : how to make him deeply into you etc..


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