When an ex becomes friendly with you, does that mean that they are over you or that they miss you?

So I broke up with this girl a little over a month ago and the messages that I've been getting from her were hot then cold then... tepid?

Initially after the breakup, she kept texting me multiple times a day, suggesting that we hang out and watch a movie. After 2 weeks of the "hot" phase, she suddenly stops texting me and becomes very cold. I ask her why she suddenly became this way, and she replied that she's not exactly sure. She goes on to say that this is how she treats guys she doesn't care about anymore. After a week and half of this awkward exchange, she finally starts talking to me again, but still avoids texting me. When we talk, it's like it was before we started dating, but without the flirting and touching.

Any thoughts on this situation?


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  • I think she wants you to show her that you still love her, ofc she miss you, you mean a lot to her otherwise she wouldn't texted you back after the broke up!
    I think the best way to find out if she still love you is to be more friendly and kind to her ( in case if you want her back ) talk about the good memories you had together and all the good things, don't talk about the bad days, broke up and things like that, Talk mostly about the future and that there will be a change! She will show signals trust me!
    And the last thing, make her laugh be funny, be kind and handsome, make her to miss you, and don't talk to her alot, give her time to miss you!
    Good luck brother!


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