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I met a girl in may 2013 at a small friend's party. We were friends with benefits all up until August. Ended up dating from August 2013 until late September 2014. During this breakup she gave me a lot of signs, such as not texting her in the morning and that we never spend quality time. This happened because I am a med student and she just works and her weekend nights were not off like mine so we only met for a few hours weekly at her place. We live in the same neighborhood. She asked that she can't focus in a relationship right now because of everything going on in her life and mine too, and was crying and kissing me and told me she needs time but if there is another girl in the picture she won't talk to me ever again. Well, a month of no contact passes, I write her a letter of appreciation, not begging, just saying sorry that I sort of neglected her in the last run and that I want her to be happy (in a future new relationship with me or someone else). I gave that letter to her roomate. She never replied or texted about it. A week later I was out with a girl at a party, because I decided to move on. She popped up at that party with a guy, making out with him. I said hi and I left with my friends. That same night she invited all my roomates, which she barely knows because they were randoms this year to her party via text but not me. The next morning I find a garter belt in black/red on my doorknob and i remember she was wearing a black and red costume that night. Then I see her with her new guy in the parking lot with his arm around him. I waved and passed by in my car. My mom tells me this girl is no good. She has no education and no family at all. Our connection was strong though, we understood each other, we had the same weirdnesses. I'm still in NC and moving on, doing great things with my life and academic career.


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  • Ask her what your relationship between you two is. Ask if you two could still be friends. Try to get along with her new guy. And move on, go on dates with other girls


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