Should I be there for my ex girlfriend?

So, the ex I had arrested, I dropped the charges because she's only 19. I didn't want to mess her life up. She slapped me after we broke up. I thought about getting back with her. But I chose not to. However, something bad happened.

She got a new boyfriend and we went our separate ways for good. Then her friends told me her new bf beat her up. Basically, she's a victim of domestic violence. I saw the pictures and it was bad! Her friends told me she wants me to be there for her but I don't know. What should I do?


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  • She's old enough to take care of herself and she has friends who care for her. It's not really your problem anymore. She's your ex and your situation sounds dodgy with her. I wouldn't waste my own energy on that if I were you. Put her in the past and leave it there. It sounds harsh but the truth is you can't take responsibility for her life and actions. I think there will be more trouble than good done if you go back and try to be in her life again at this point.


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  • No. That's a bullet you dodged. Stay dodging it. Give her the number for a battered woman's shelter, wish her the best of luck, and keep on moving. That's drama and trouble.

    And you don't know if she started something she couldn't finish.

    Just better to wash your hands of it, and find someone who's not so much trouble. You're not a knight in shining armor, and you don't get paid for that.

    Go rescue a princess who deserves rescue.

  • It is no longer in your hands to resolve her problem. However, if you feel like playing hero, anonymously walk into the nearest police station and present the photos of your ex getting beat up. Say you don't want your name revealed, tell them to keep all info confidential. Give the cops her address and roughly the time her boyfriend comes over, so that the cops have an opportune way to break in and arrest him.

  • I wouldn't do it if I were you for all you know it's her way of wanting you back and had it done on purpose for all you know. If she assaulted you she should be out of your life and never looking back and I would never bother with her again or her drama.

    She has friends who can be there for her and family, clearly that guy is likely gone now and if he isn't gone than she's just being an idiot so I wouldn't worry about her because it's her responsibility now not yours. You didn't choose the guy she decided to date, you didn't tell her to date him or force her to do it she did it on her own will and decided to date a idiot who likes to hit woman so yeah I mean you can go help her but she will be fine as long as she got rid of the guy.


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