He still has feelings for his ex, what should I do now? Please help?

Have been seeing a guy for the past two months, everything was going good until this week where he only text me once to day his head was all over the place and was sorry for not being in touch. I got no reply so tried phoning yesterday and he text saying he was really sorry that if things were different who knows, bye for now. I asked him what was going on and he said I was a lovely girl but he wasn't over his ex and was in a bad place at the min. I said does this mean he is cutting me loose and he said has been down since it happened and though by meeting other girls it would help but this week he wants able to go anything (go to college etc) and he wanted to meet me but his mate advised him not to by the way he was feeling. I tried to reach out and give him advice and told him I was here as a friend if he needed me. Truth is I am gutted I really like him and dont want to lose him. I dont know whether I should text him and tell him how much I liked him and how much he has hurt me by treating me so badly or just leave him. I feel like he's sending me mixed signals in a way with bye for now and saying he's in a bad place and not answering me when I asked about cutting me loose. Should I text him or leave him? Will I ever see him again? Please help


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  • well, to start it of, Shalom to you my sister, always walk in the light and love ;-)

    Look, the fact he is in this kind of situations is because he is the creator of this situation, meaning that he knew in advance but still continued although he could have figured it out for himself that one of you girls would end up with a smak in the face, if it comes to emotions and withdraw of LOVE.

    I have experienced at first hand what happens when woman think they can define love, by cutting it down into multiple divisions and picking there favorite part to there liking... no, that is not love nore how it works.

    Even for men, same story, same dissfunctioness concerning love...

    Best advice I can give you is simple: if you want you can see him again, you hold the power and he just has to give in to your demands out of respect and because it`s that much he ows you at the end right? But don`t even bother by uploading your heart into his message inbox, because he will just skip trough it like it was a newly uploade selfie or something...

    So, give it a rest for your own emotional health but do figure out for yourself if you think he deserves that little place you have kept warm for him?

    Shalom Lech, go in peace!


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  • Words of the wise: the question will never get answered, it's always bad timing, he'll always think about his ex.

    • I dont understand, you didn't answer my question directly can you elaborate and help

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