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Could some of the guys please give me their opinion?

I met a guy 7 months ago. He told me he had been married twice, but I found out he was separated from his FB profile. When I asked him about it, he told me he had been separated for two years, had gone back to his second wife three times previously and that the marriage was over. I had no reason to disbelieve him and we started a relationship. The relationship was basically normal; we spent most weekends together, enjoyed each others company and, aside from a few small issues, were essentially happy.
Two months ago, we had a slight argument (about an unrelated issue) and he overreacted and broke up with me (by text message). I left him alone for about a week so that we could both have some space. When I contacted him to sort out our relationship, he suggested that he was returning to his wife who he was separated from. He said that she had contacted him a few months previously in an emotional state (which he hated and was one of the reasons he had separated from her in the first place!) but that this time it was different. I was so hurt, angry and shocked that I told him to leave me alone. Two weeks later I contacted him again and he confirmed that he was returning to his ex wife (for the fourth time) because he 'needed to find out'.
We have had one conversation since the minor argument we had almost two months ago and he has cut all contact with me. I am completely hurt, but keep hoping he will come back to me. I am struggling to move on. Can some of the guys please give me their thoughts, because I am so confused?
Yeah I am... I'm totally scared he would go back to her. My rational side tells me not to want him back and to never contact him again, but then my emotional side kicks in and I get so sad for what we had. I loved him and miss him and what we had, and I can't understand how he could have done this. I'm need to accept that I'll never know... don't I?


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  • If he goes back to his ex wife this often, aren't you scared that every time you guys fight, he'd run back to her?

    I don't see how you'd want to deal with that heartache over and over. Maybe it's best to let it go.


What Girls Said 1

  • I am sorry for your situation but this guy is a loser. Plain and simple. He was trying to move on from his ex-wife when getting into a relationship with you. Also, he has told you plain and simple that he is going back to his ex-wife so you need to stop contacting him. What is so special about this guy anyway?

    If you got back together, there would always be this hanging between you and you would be scared to be yourself in the relationship because every time you had a row, there would be the ex-wife sitting there at the back of your head. I don't think he's interested in you in romance terms and even though you are struggling to move on from him, it's the best thing for both of you. Don't let him use you. I hope you can get over this sooner rather than later. Good luck.


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