How does he feels about our breakup? I just need to read other people experiences (did you got back together, stay friends...)?

We were in a relationship for 3 years and 4 months, 6 months after we started dating he told me he didn't loved me, so we talked and decided to continue our relationship, everything was going well but 9 months after that he started to talk to someone and said he was confused, so we decided to breakup, we didn't stop talking and 3 months after that we got back together, everything was fine until he started to feel that he no longer loved me and that our relationship felt like a routine, also he told me he had more things in common with other people and he was talking to someone else (someone that doesn't live in our hometown), that I was the best thing that had happened to him, but I wanted something that he could not give me and it was not fair that I was giving everything and he could not offer me the same, so I said it was best for both if we ended the relationsip because and I didn't deserve to be in a relationship like that... It's been two months since we broke up and we haven't talked, we're still friends on facebook, and he doesn't seem to feel bad, he said he didn't want stop talking and I told him I didn't want to talk to him so I could get over him... He hasn't try to talk to me

We spent most of our relationship apart because I was studying in another city, and he was studying in our hometown, I came back and that were the last 6 months of our relationship

He's been in another long term relationship but he was cheated on, he told me he has trust issues he needs to fix and that he was afraid our relationship was getting too serious... He's been in and out of relationships (10 including me), he's been only single for 3 months, since his first girlfriend

I did most of the talking, he just agreed with me, he told me he didn't want to make a decision he could regret and that he wanted what was best for me (being in a relationship where he doesn't know how he feels or breakup) so we broke up


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  • You two did the right thing by breaking up. It was good of him to be open with you and tell you that he didn't feel the same way, that he could tell your feelings were stronger than his and he didn't want to take advantage of that.

    The problem is that when you spent so much time apart, a person can end up finding that they really like 'the relationship', but don't actually know 'the person' very well. It is more like they are just getting the highlight reel of a relationship, they aren't having to deal with the day to day reality in entails. And so after a long time of that, then being presented with the reality, it just wasn't working for him.

    It is shitty for you if you still have lingering feelings, but this is the best way for you to try and get over him and try to find someone that DOES want to be with you for real, who does want the day to day with you, who does feel that connection with you.

    It seems like a pretty reasonable break-up, it seems like it was handled fairly well, fairly maturely, so I don't see what else to do but stay the course and try to move on.


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