Why is it after 6 months I am finally getting nightmares that my ex boyfriend is going to beat me?

so i dated this guy on and off for a year and i thought i did love him but towards the end of our relationship i started crushing huge on my guy best friend which caused countless fight with me and my boyfriend. I was always afraid that he would hit me or hurt me cause of how angry he would get. I broke up with him and in 3 days i was going out with my best friend.
I ignore him the best i can, i get anexity from hearing his name and even within the last two weeks one of my friends was wearing his hoodie to school and i got very aniexous. But a couple of nights ago I woke up screaming because in my dream he had beat me and hit me. my current boyfriend says i shouldn't worry about it because i never see him anymore but I'm still so afraid something is going to happen if i do see him


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  • get a restraining order, end of problem


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  • WEll, you were cheating on him.. so you have a guilty conscience, that's why you have the bad dreams.
    Don't wory about him.. work on yourself, so you don't have to feel guilty about something else you might do in the future!

    • but in my eyes i never cheated on him.. i never kissed my best friend until i broke up with my ex

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    • Well, there you go!!!

    • what do you mean?

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