Girls... what would you do if he did to you?

im asking for my friend. She broke up with her boyfriend of one year because they had too many arguments recently. The guy begged her but she still didn't take him back. He said he's hurt and promised to change but her mom told her not to talk to him anymore. After a week he gave up and he asked for his promise ring back. She said she misses him at time but tries not think about it and that she really loved him. Would you take him back? Whos wrong? how to solve?


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  • whoa dude, way too little information
    why's the mom involved, what promise ring, why did they break up, if he did what to you? what did he do, to her?
    what were they arguing about? -ok, that, I can help with, ALL COUPLES FIGHT. ok? about EVERYTHING. if it becomes Physical, its needs to be Over, but all couples Fight, ok? my wife and I just had an argument that lasted for 3 weeks, it was fucking bad! ok? the fight ended when I saw that she needed me, and she needed me to help her, so I put my life aside for awhile and choose to talk to her about it later, cuz she's more important to me, than myself.-now we weren't yellin and screamin every day, we also don't Ever put each other down, we just have disagreements. all couples do. it is hard to get along with another human being, ok! especially when they're your partner and they don't agree with you, it becomes this big huge deal with feelings involved and you have to keep the peace and get all political (hypothetically speaking, not literally)
    ask, a third party, ask more friends. I got my answer from the most unlikely person, an older woman I work with for about a year now, and I just hinted at it when having her sign papers one day, and she told me all couples fight. if anyone says they never fight, they're not telling you the truth, that just means that person either is always going to go with the flow instead of disagreeing, in other words they're going to be the first to compromise, or that they don't VIEW IT as a fight or something. remember human being's are as complicated or as simple as you so choose to put them, and it is not possible for something (like a fight) to not happen if you give it an infinite chance or amount of possibilities. Nothing is. That's basic science, and it's true. if you give something the chance to happen times infinitum, it will happen eventually, thats why I don't put myself in bad situations.

    • they were fighting over disagreements too. The mom got involved because she read the messages. It was a promise ring for a year together. He didn't hit her but he would get mad sometimes and few times maybe scream. This is what she's telling me to write down. I'm just her best friend trying to help her out. They broke up because she went out with some friends and he didn't tell him so he got mad. He called several times but she never answered cause she was tipsy.

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    • i thought the same thing too! thanks for your time!

    • Np! Glad to help

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  • What did he do? All couples fight, so I don't see why she broke up with him unless they were physically fighting. No one can actually help you unless you provide more details.

    • They didn't physical fight. It was more like disagreements that turned into arguments. The day they officially broke up was because she went out with friends and didn't tell him. He had called her but she never answered him cause she was tipsy

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    • Yes but is true but he has tried to talk to her constantly ( which is bad cause he was begging and crying) but my friend doesn't think he'll change. According to my friend, he treats her bad like arguments are more constant. No physical abuse though. More like they disagree and they both get mad. It was just recent but sometimes my friend can be stubborn.

    • In my personal opinion I don't think they should get back together because they don't sound compatible. I think it's best for both of them to move on.

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  • Firstly, friends and parents have no right to interfere. Tell them to screw their own lives up.
    Then it is clear that stressful argumentative relationships, whilst exciting are not healthy.
    They need to calmly resolve their issues in a clear way. If they can't do that without arguing then they need help from a counselor (although in general I don't rate them) but there should be someone who can calm down the discussions. If the divide is too wide and issues can't be resolved then they have to break up.

    • no right to interfere as long as there's no abuse verbal or otherwise.

  • Nobody is wrong they both loose, THE END.

    • Plus i dont see what he did. ? The only thing that happened is they argued too much and she broke up with him. He wants to get back together but she dosent. But in reality she misses him. If i was him, i would forget about it, leave her and fool around with some other chicks until she came around and wanted to get back together. But only if i still cared.

    • but she didn't like the way he treated her. getting mad all time , but my friend girl is also stubborn so i dont know

    • Listen some couples are destined to argue if its in their nature. So as long as nobody is phisically or mentally abusing each other, but instead are both arguing like children then let them be.

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  • I think it was rude of him to ask for his promise ring back - is money more important to him than the relationship? I would stay separated.

    • He had bought her clothing, perfumes, etc. He only asked for the ring because he no longer thought she deserved it.

    • I agree you give a promise ring to someone in hopes you will get married. But she broke it off so give the fucker back. Its like buying an engagement ring for a girl and before you are married you break it off. Now regular jewlery is different. If i buy a girl a nice watch or neckless, which usually are more expensive than a promise ring would ever be at least it would as i dont buy cheap jewlery. I would never ask for it back those were gifts the ring has symbolism. Plus why would she want to keep the ring? So she can pawn it off.

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