Desperately heartbroken and I need help, what do I do?

I was living with my boyfriend for 4 months and he said he doesn't feel the same for me anymore and he no longer loves me. He promises I did nothing wrong and that there is not any other girl. So, of course I had to move out. The worst part is that just a week ago he was telling me about how bad he wanted to marry me. I'm so heartbroken that the guy of my dreams doesn't love me back and I can't stop crying. Every time I cry I feel worse about it. I miss him so much and I can't get rid of the memories and feelings I had with him. I don't know what to do. I feel alone and I need help...


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  • That's rough. =\

    All I can say is hang in there. You are young. You'll meet someone else. Someone that won't slap an expiration date on his love for you.

  • 1. You need a male rebound asap.
    2. He might change his mind.


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