Does this mean I have a chance with her again? Help please.

I talked to her after 3 days of our bad break up. I told her that i missed her and how she has been. She was with this guy at that time so i asked her if that was her boyfriend. She said no and that she doesn't want anybody.

I made her laugh and smile and she showed me messages where her ex is trying to get back with her ( he has a gf pretty messed up) She said her mother doesn't want me to be with her or approach her.

She doesn't text me or anything at all.. what should i do?

Please understand that this was my first serious relationship so its very hard to move on specially when the problem was small fights.


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  • At this time there is nothing you can do. Look at yourself and see how you can make yourself better. It is very satisfying to make yourself a success and make all the doubters realise they were wrong about you.
    Make yourself into a good or great man. Make her regret breaking up with you.


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  • Are you male or female?

    • Male. My sister told me to tried this website so im using her account.

    • Call her or try to talk to her in person. Make her laugh and remind her of good times you've had together, so she'll realize she misses you! Apologize a million times and be super sweet! Look her deeply in her eyes and smile sweetly!

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